About Me


I was born and grew up in London, studying Art throughout my education and completing a degree in Illustration and Graphic Design at University of Hertfordshire. I have since moved to Wiltshire where I continue to work on my illustration and spend my spare time working on personal projects and endeavours.

My artwork is always mostly inspired by nature - flora, fauna and fungus! To be able to recreate the serene mystery and magical qualities that you can find in true wilderness and nature is always a goal I keep in mind whenever I work.

I am very fond of gouache paint and it has become my most used medium and recently I have been using clear resin to create depth and layers to my work - adding that little bit of mystery and exploration to the natural scenery.

Living so close to the Cotswolds and Wales, I try to visit the woodlands, hills and valleys as often as I can, taking photos and inspiration from the colours of the changing seasons, light through the clouds and rising mists.

I currently paint and create at home however I would like to find a studio to work in - maybe overlooking a forest…