Scotland Holiday

I spent two weeks in Scotland, travelling all over West to East and exploring the mountains and valleys. I occassionally got to paint as well!

Alexander Beetle

I am preparing several tens of beetle illustrations for an upcoming exhibition. I was initially inspired by a series of photos of Scarab Beetles, their shiny carapaces were inviting to recreate. A work colleague then shared a poem by A.A. Milne called Alexander Beetle which formed my paintings into a full project.

Elizabeth RichardsonComment
Inktober: 1. Fast - Wild Rabbit

Its the first day of Inktober. I'm using both the official prompt list and a list of subjects I have chosen under the theme of British Wildlife. I will likely stray from the official list from time to time, however I'm aiming to get better at story telling so I should use it as much as possible.

For my first drawing I have used a Tombow ABT brush tipped felt pen.I do like the variety of line weight I can get with it.


This is going to be a fun month.

IF: Nest

I decided to submit again this week as I've been practising with gouache! Its an odd material that you can't quite treat like watercolour, and that is far more versatile that acrylic. I still don't fully understand it but I'm enjoying the process.

Layering Practice

So I've been getting to grips with water colours and learning more about how they layer and what I can get away with. I'm really enjoying the process and I've discovered that wet on wet is very useful in specific applications and isn't the absolute enemy I had pegged it to be.  My sketchbooks haven't looked this lively in a while!

IF: Tiny
 The painting next to a £1 coin

The painting next to a £1 coin


This weeks topic for Illustration Friday is "Tiny" and I decided to paint the moon which makes me feel extremely small, so I decided to also paint a very tiny moon (yeah, take that moon! you big bully!) Watercolour paints and prismacolour pencils (shown) were used.