About Me


I was born and grew up in London, studying Art throughout my education and completing a degree in Illustration and Graphic Design at University of Hertfordshire. I have since moved to Wiltshire where I continue to work on my illustration and spend my spare time working on personal projects and endeavours.

A lot of my work is based around storytelling. I’ve been inspired mostly by animation and illustration from the 1950’s as well as illustration in children’s books I’d read when growing up. Tim Biskup, Hannah Christenson, Charley Harper and Jon Klassen are a few artists I take direction from. I try to use these inspirations to create rich and textured imagery in my own work which mainly consists of my latest whim or most recently heard story.

I like to experiment both with traditional as well as digital mediums because each have qualities that aid my style of working. I enjoy all of the accidents and textures that paint and pencils provide, yet I also enjoy the control and accuracy of using digital mediums. I create my textures and drawings by hand, using watercolour paint, acrylic, gouache and a variety of pencils and pens which I then scan in to create my finished illustrations digitally.


Contact Me


For all business and personal enquiries or even just a "Hello!" feel free to send me a message here. I am currently available for freelance work.